Saturday, November 08, 2008

This Week In Horse Blogs

What a week we've had.  We have been up, down, on the edge of our seats, and now we know who our next president will be.  I have high hopes for President Elect Obama as does the rest of the country.  In the beginning I wasn't so sure of this mans capability, after all what did we know about him? But I am starting to firmly believe he can do a great job.

As I made my way with Cristino and the Pug to the polls to vote I kept thinking "You might be a redneck if  you take your dog along to babysit as you vote".  I put the baby in the stroller, the pug in the basket of the stroller and headed off to church to cast my vote.  No lines, no waiting,  and no baby sitter except for the dog who stayed with the baby just outside the curtain (they were both in arms reach of course) just hours before one of the most historic moments of our time.  

I really was the only person there voting.  The pastor was there and so were the other church folk who run the polling place, so bringing down the baby and Pugsly made their day I'm sure.  The only thing that may have been more redneck of me would have been if the three of us rode in on a horse.

Anyway, here are some really cool blog posts I read this week.


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