Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Things to Do to Correct a Spooking Horse

You know the drill, a horse sees a dog barking and he spooks.  The wind blows a bag and the horse will spook.  A car drives up the driveway and there he goes again.  This is extremely common behavior and can be corrected.  Horses are prey, and their instinct is telling them that they are going to get eaten.  They also have instinct to trust the herd leader.  If you are the herd leader then they will not worry about the goblins in the mailbox because you the herd leader are always in control and make the herd feel safe.
1)   Exude confidence. A horse can feel what you feel, if you feel nervous or scared your horse will feel that.  If your horse scares you every time you ride him that will create a snowball effect and the two of you will feed off of each other’s fears.
2)   Go back to the basics of groundwork. If your horse is jumpy on the ground, he most definitely will be just as jumpy in the saddle.  Something is missing from your program, fill in the missing parts and then take it to the next level of riding.
3)   Longe your horse. Longe him with a purpose, don’t just let him run around in a circle dragging you all over the place.  This type of behavior is counter-productive and will not allow your horse to feel confidence that you are not only the herd’s leader, but an excellent one.
4)   Practice, practice and then some more practice. Don’t expect to go out to the barn once and a while and for your horse to have gotten better.  The only way for your horse to get better is by putting in lots of time on the ground and in the saddle.  Expose your horse to as many scenarios and things as possible.
5)   ABT – Always be training.  If you are not training your horse you are un-training your horse.  Start being the leader from the moment you get your horse from the stall or pasture until the moment you put him away.
If you do these five things, and do them correctly I guarantee you will no longer have a spooking horse, but a calm confident friend.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Keep A Horseback Riding Journal

Does your Riding Instructor tell you the same thing over and over?  Are you not correcting your mistakes? The best way to tackle these problems is to write it down in a Riding Journal.  Then, think of a way how you can make the correction and write about it.  The best students in school take notes.
I'm a big planner, I like to pay attention to the details especially when training horses.  Even if you are not to the point of  training a horse, but you yourself are in training I would suggest you keep a training journal.

If you don't want to bring a big journal to the barn, at least bring a pocket one and jot down some notes about your ride.  You may see some similarities that can give you some insight to become a better rider.  Another thing to add to your horse journal is vocabulary words.  As we all know, in the world of horses there is an entire language to learn.  Write down new words and their definitions in your journal.
Types of Journals:
  • Spiral Bound Notebook - this type of journal is cheap and easy.  You can pick one up anywhere, and start writing!
  • Three Ring Binder - This is a great type of journal because you can rearrange it any way you would like.  You can add in training articles that you find online or in magazines.
  • Pocket Notebook - a great little book to keep in your pocket when you ride so that you can jot down notes.
  • Blog - You can blog your riding and training progress and have it as private or as public as you would like!
  • Electronic - Using google docs or Microsoft word, you can make a great electronic journal
Whatever type of journal that you chose doesn't really matter just as long as you choose one!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Free Leather CPR Sample

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Horse Illustrated Magazine Subscription for $5 has a great deal going on right now, you can buy a Horse Illustrated Magazine one year subscription for only $5!  Hurry this offer expires February 28, 2010.  They also are offering a year of Young Rider Magazine for $7.99.  Be sure and check it out HERE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Horse Quote of The Day - Fredi Castro

“Each time you ride your horse, he’s a different horse, ride it that way.” - Fredi Castro

I thought that was a brilliant statement. What he means is, every day is different. Don’t get on your horse today thinking he is going to be the way he was yesterday. Always start with a fresh mind. a light hand and light leg, you can always build from there. Don’t start out with heavy cues, because where do you go from there?

FeedDealer.Com - Info-Service and Support for Feed Businesses - HOW Webinar Schedule

FeedDealer.Com - Info-Service and Support for Feed Businesses - HOW Webinar Schedule

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