Friday, August 19, 2005

The Professional Horse Program

Now you can participate in Deanna Castro's Professional Horse Program regardless of your location.

Through this program you will:
  • Learn to Improve the Communication Between You and Your Horse
  • The Trinity of Horseback Riding Balance, Timing, and Feel
  • Advanced training techniques for groundwork, manners, and longeing
  • Choosing the Right Equipment for your horse and training needs
  • Horse Psychology
  • And much more!
For those of you fortunate enough to be located in or near The Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, you will be able to train and ride at The Riding Academy.

Services available through The Professional Horse Program:

Horse Training
Riding Lessons
Instructor Training Program - Professional Horse Certification
  • Private
  • Semi-Private
  • Group
Clinics - Coming Soon!

Video Lessons
30 to 45 minute video includes critique and plan of action.

Thank you for your interest in The Professional Horse Program.

For more information email inquiries to