Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Stable Scoop Radio Show - Blog of The Week!

I am honored to have been chosen this week as blog of the week for The Stable Scoop Radio Show. It was so much fun doing the interview with Helena B. She is fun and easy to talk to.

Glen the Geek and Helena's show is fairly new and I am sure The Stable Scoop Radio Show will grow quickly. Download it to your ipod or computer and enjoy it each week at

Check out this weeks episode and hear my story below!


The Stable Scoop Radio Show is one mighty entertaining weekly online radio show (podcast) that delivers all the horse news, interviews and talk you could want. We will give you the scoop on all things horse and make it fun too!

Stable Scoop Episode 7 - Riding an Ugly Horse Can Get You Arrested

The Stable Scoop Radio Show brings you news this week seems that seems to center on horse abuse and what is being done about it. And, we speak with Deanna Castro about being an online trainer.

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  • President Bush signed the Higher Education Reauthorization Bill into law last month.

  • Interview with Deanna Castro -

  • Some fun horse stuff:

    • The tallest documented horse was a shire gelding named Samson. He was 21.2 1/2 hands high!

    • In Guernee, Illinois it is illegal for women weighing more than 200 lbs to ride a horse in shorts.

    • In Raton, New Mexico, it is illegal for a woman to ride horseback down a public street with a kimono on.

    • In Hartsville, Illinois, you can be arrested for riding an ugly horse.

    • The record for the highest jump that a horse jumped was 8ft 1 1/4 inches.

    • The record for the most animals in a hitch (being driven) was 50 horses.

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