Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Careers With Horses

In an effort to make “Improving Communication Between Horse and Rider” more interactive I have added a job board to the blog.

There are so many careers out there with horses. Who would like to work inside without horses when they don’t have to? Even cleaning stalls somehow feels therapeutic.

There are jobs such as Horse Trainers, Wranglers, Grooms, and everything in between. Check out the job board if you are in the market for a job in the horse industry or would like to advertise a job you have available.

Some of the jobs do sometimes include lodging, if needed you could pick up and completely change your life. That is especially exciting for someone who isn't rooted someplace with responsibility!

Even if you are not interested in changing careers, it’s still fun to look. I will be adding new jobs weekly.

There is a permanent link on the sidebar of the blog, or you can check out The Job Board by clicking HERE.


Rising Rainbow said...

That's cool. I wish I was younger and unattached. I recently saw a job for a breeding manager that would have been really cool.

Deanna said...

Hello Rising Rainbow,

I know what you mean. I wouldn't change my life, but it is still fun to look and think, what if?


EquineSpirit said...