Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Day Only

I had to get the word out...

Author Nancy Bailey is currently in the midst of a campaign to make her book,
CLIFFORD OF DRUMMOND ISLAND an bestseller.  CLIFFORD is the true story of a horse with a sense of humor.

She is offering some neat free
bonus gifts as incentives for those who purchase the book on November 15th.  This is for ne day only. Also, part of the proceeds from sales will go to benefit equine rescue.
Here's the website:

Sounds like a great way to get some Christmas shopping done and help the equine rescue at the same time.



EquineSpirit said...

Garsh darn it! And we're going through a major broke streak right now! Figures don't it?!? Darn water heater AND furnace...not a good time of year for things to break! GRRRRRR!

photogchic said...

Have you read it yet? I will check it out?

Deanna said...

I did not get to read it just yet... However, she has gotten glowing reviews on Amazon. Nacy dropped me an e-mail on Thursday that she was at #2 on amazon for horses. I am looking forward to reading it. I am sure I will cry. I now cry if I see a bird. LOL These hormones!