Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Dear Readers

I wanted to post some good yet some bad news.

I know in some of my previous posts and comments I mentioned how sick I had been. Well, it has been seven weeks now that I am rarely out of bed. That is the reason for my sporadic posting. I have been so sick because I am pregnant and the baby is thriving. That's the good news.

I was pregnant in the summer, with no sickness and lots of energy. I only made it to 10 weeks with that one.

Now my doctor has put me on a presciption medication to ease my nausea. It does help but I still can't function normally. I am (and have been) unable to work for the remainder of the pregnancy due to myself now being classified as "High Risk" from the previous loss and other factors. I would like to keep up with the blogging when possible. I am right now posting from my phone!

It is extremely difficult for me to get to the computer, but I will try on my good days.

What I would suggest if you would like to continue to be updated is subscribing via e-mail for updates on new posts. The subscribe box is in the top right corner. I assure you your e-mail address is completely safe and never sold.

This blog is very important to me and I am not going to completely stop writing. I just wanted to let everyone in on why the blog has gone downhill lately. I will have a few months of discomfort for a lifetime of happiness. I would say I hate to put my private life out there, but I don't mind. Stuff happens to everyone and things are never as bad as they first appear.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be posting again soon.



EquineSpirit said...

((HUGS!!)) and I'm sorry about your loss this summer! I lost a baby at 11 weeks and that was over 10 years ago...still hurts. But anyway...good luck with your current pregnancy. With my last baby I was on meds for the nausea...NOT I can empathize. Take care of yourself and if you ever want someone just to chat with without being so public feel free to email me or send me a chat message. All that contact info is on my blog. Take care and ((HUGS!!))...sending ya healthy baby/pregnancy vibes!! :D

Gustafson said...

Hope the nausea passes quickly.

My wife's trainer is due in the next month. They have bets going on as to whether she will be back out and riding in under 3 days after having her child...


photogchic said...

Oh Deanna! That is wonderful! Congrats girl. Very happy for you. I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. Stay in bed and get your rest. Your horse buddies will always be here for you whether you have time to post or not. Take care of yourself.

Deanna said...

Thanks guys. I needed the hugs and healthy baby vibes.

Thanks for being there. What I love about blogging is the intereaction with the readers. I miss you guys so much! I will do my best to post on my good days.

Maybe the nausea will pass quickly.

Gustafson, I think it's hilarious that you guys are taking bets on your wifes trainer getting back in the saddle!

Miss you guys.