Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Keep A Horseback Riding Journal

Does your Riding Instructor tell you the same thing over and over?  Are you not correcting your mistakes? The best way to tackle these problems is to write it down in a Riding Journal.  Then, think of a way how you can make the correction and write about it.  The best students in school take notes.
I'm a big planner, I like to pay attention to the details especially when training horses.  Even if you are not to the point of  training a horse, but you yourself are in training I would suggest you keep a training journal.

If you don't want to bring a big journal to the barn, at least bring a pocket one and jot down some notes about your ride.  You may see some similarities that can give you some insight to become a better rider.  Another thing to add to your horse journal is vocabulary words.  As we all know, in the world of horses there is an entire language to learn.  Write down new words and their definitions in your journal.
Types of Journals:
  • Spiral Bound Notebook - this type of journal is cheap and easy.  You can pick one up anywhere, and start writing!
  • Three Ring Binder - This is a great type of journal because you can rearrange it any way you would like.  You can add in training articles that you find online or in magazines.
  • Pocket Notebook - a great little book to keep in your pocket when you ride so that you can jot down notes.
  • Blog - You can blog your riding and training progress and have it as private or as public as you would like!
  • Electronic - Using google docs or Microsoft word, you can make a great electronic journal
Whatever type of journal that you chose doesn't really matter just as long as you choose one!


Val Heart said...

I am an animal communicator myself. And this is a great way to provide an outlet to mixed emotions and other energies that we have, since whatever we are feeling they are transferred to out animal friends! Thanks for posting!

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