Sunday, November 02, 2008

Modified Dismount

I am always reading how to become a better blogger.  I recently read a post (forgive me but I forget where) that said it when blogging you shouldn't say how fat you have become and then post the pictures to prove it.  I thought that was hilarious since I just posted my fat pictures a few posts ago.  It probably is a mistake, but hey whatever I'm human.

Now I am including some video documentation.  It's not just to say hey look how fat my you know what got, I am doing it because I know riders come in all shapes and sizes.  This is a dismount that I started using years ago when I injured my left knee.  

The modified dismount sure has come in handy for my students that have had injuries, are small, or just had trouble dismounting the traditional way for one reason or another.  

Check it out!


EquineSpirit said...

LOVE your new vids! I posted comments on them both...not sure if you got them though...but anyway...GREAT vids! :)

Deanna said...

Thank you ;) I did, and commented back.

Tomorrow I will have the second one posted on here with some explanation. Hope you like that too!


EquineSpirit said...

Oooooohhhh...I can't wait!!

Glad you got the comments...I realized AFTER commenting on the posting trot one about the comments pending approval...LOL! And good idea too by the way...I'd just never seen that before! I'm used to commenting and's right there...LOL! :)

Deanna said...

I decided to use comment moderation because there are a lot of teenagers on there (and I love teenagers) but the ones on youtube rip everything apart, just to be mean and harsh.

Critiques are good, as long as the person critiquing knows what they are talking about, not just to be rude. I feel bad for some of the trainers (who were training professionally long before their critics were born) on youtube that post videos to be helpful, and then they are not appreciated. You know what I mean?