Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Flame Faced Pony

I was at the horse sale, and they had 200 ponies come through.  I don't know if I was allowed to take pictures or not, so I snapped only one with my phone.  I really like the black pony with the white face.  His markings looked like flames on his face.  Whether that meant he was a demon or he was born to be a tiny barrel racer, I don't know but he sure was cute. 

There were also about 15 pony foals.  Fredi already said that when Cristino gets older he's getting two of them.  I read about a five year old boy who's father is a horse trainer and the kid has his own pony training business.  This kid trains them and then runs them through a sale. There are a lot of people that want to buy the kid's ponies and they come from far and wide to buy them because he does such a great job training.  How cute is that?

They say ponies are much harder to train than horses.  Is that because they are untrained, or are they really mostly pigs?  Most of my experience with ponies was when I was very young so I thought they were great.  I started riding the big horses exclusively at the age of ten so I don't really remember.  I guess I will find out, because I am taking a young un-broke pony into training for a client on Thursday.  I have been wanting a pony for about two years so this should be interesting.  The last pony we were training got the boot after a few weeks, we decided he wasn't worth it.  The pony tried to scrape Fredi off on the fence, he was downright nasty.  He belonged to an eight year old girl, and he wasn't suitable for her so he was promptly sold. 

Maybe in a few years the flame faced pony and I will cross paths again and this time we will take him home for our little cowboy.

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