Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stranger Things Have Happened

Just not to me or at the barn.

We have a paint mare at the barn named Dusty Pebbles. A few months ago, I got a new student who brought her horse to the barn.  He's a paint too.  I kept saying that he acted like Dusty with the way he liked to do patterns. I was telling my student that I think he must have reining blood and that I would like to see his papers.

Well, the other night, the gelding's previous owners came to the barn to see him and when they got to Dusty's stall they said "Dusty?!!!   Is that Dusty Pebbles?"" My student said, "Yes" and then his previous owner said, "She's his mother!".   I knew she had a baby, I just didn't know he was that baby.  She has reining in her blood lines so now it all makes sense.

It wasn't like the two horses came from down the street, it was something like 100 miles away. Dusty moved to the barn about four and a half years ago, and her "son" this past summer.  

I got on the phone and called everyone I knew, I conferenced Dusty's owner with her son in law, text messaged the news to a few other people, and had lots of fun shocking everyone!  

Since I don't handle the boarding anymore, I don't keep copies of all of the horses papers.  My Father took over the boarding aspect of the business a few years ago.  He's not as obsessive with details as I am.  I was totally caught off guard. 

What are the odds?

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Rising Rainbow said...

Funny how stuff like that happens.