Friday, August 01, 2008

Finding Inspiration For Riding

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our riding. We do the same thing over and over. This is especially tough when we stay in an arena and ride around in circles. Can you say "booooring"?

If you look around, you can find inspiration everywhere. I am always coming up with new ways to teach the same thing. It doesn't get boring because I use different methods to achieve the same results.

The other day I went to another farm to watch my cousin's girlfriend take a barrel racing lesson. I really enjoyed watching her lesson. The trainer was super, and she took me on a tour of her barns. That's always inspirational! The last time I did any kind of speed event I was about ten years old and running barrels like a yahoo kid. (A yahoo is a rider who is clueless about technique and just "runs" the horse around saying "Yahoo!").

As I watched the lesson, I was pretty excited to see that her trainer was teaching her dressage exercises. You won't see me on a barrel horse anytime soon, but it was really inspirational for other things.

Other places I can find inspiration can be from clinics, horse shows, books, blogs, magazines, and even The Dog Whisperer.

Whatever type of riding you do, try something different. If you don't want to mess your show horse up by doing something that would possibly undermine his training, take a lesson on a lesson horse. Maybe a reining horse if you do Western Pleasure, or a Dressage Lesson if you usually do Reining. Whatever you find inspiring. You can definitely take back something to your horse that is new and fun to incorporate into his training!



EquineSpirit said...

Funny that you mention Cesar...I'm watching his show RIGHT NOW as I'm typing this. LOVE his show!! Many of his techniques can work with multiple species...not just dogs. I can't tell you how many times I've been watching his show and thought "dang...that's a good that would work with Diago and Flash"...LOL!

Deanna said...

LOL! I love that Cesar Milan. It's so true, so many times I relate his training to horses, now I see it's not just me! :)