Friday, July 25, 2008

Money Saving Tip for a Beautiful Tail

I was at the barn the other day, just after it rained and the gnats were so bad. Following one of the other girls, I sprayed Avon's Skin So Soft into my hair. The next day we both said how beautiful it had made our hair. My hair was never so shiny. I have really dry hair, I could go a week without washing it and it still wouldn't be greasy. My hair wasn't dry anymore!

Then a few days later I was trying to condition one of the horse's tails with my favorite detangler and it just wasn't working on this dry tail. I grabbed the Skin So Soft and put it on the horse's tail. I couldn't believe it but it did the BEST job of anything I ever put on a tail. It is so cheap compared to those other tail products.

How great is that? It works great and it's totally cheap.


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