Monday, March 17, 2008

Parts of The Western Saddle - Interactive

I always notice there are many great examples of the Parts of The English Saddle, but not as many examples of Parts of the Western Saddle.

This weekend my Dear Husband took me to the barn to take pictures so I could do a post on the Parts of The Western Saddle. I was under strict orders that I keep my pregnant belly to the side of the horse.

Perry got so excited because she thought I was going to finally ride her. We put the saddle on the horse, took the pictures, and then un-tacked her and put her back into the stall. I should have taken a picture of the bewilderment on her face, it was really sad. She looked at me like "Why won't you get on me and ride? Don't you like me anymore?" It won't be long more until I'm back in the saddle again, but until then this is as close as I can get.

To test your knowledge just point your mouse at different spots on the saddle to find the names for each part.



Cantle, Cheyenne Roll, Concho, Fender, Fork, Horn, Latigo, Latigo Keeper, Pommel, Rear Jockey, Rear Rigging Ring, Seat Jockey, Skirt, stirrup, Stirrup Hobble


EquineSpirit said...

Awwwww....poor Perry! :( Sounds like she's looking forward to you getting back in the saddle as much as you are. Not much longer now though! :D

Deanna said...

I can't wait to get beck into the saddle!

Perry is like a pair of perfectly broken in boots. We love riding together. I practically just have to think of what I want her to do and she does it. She's such a nice break from training. I get on her and say ahhhhh. lol :)