Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blog Tag I'm It!

I received a blog tag from Equine Spirit atGrazing in The Meadow Of Creativity Entitled:

A List of Demands For When I am a Famous Rider:

"My Demands"
12 inches of Pine Shavings, to be fluffed and completely turned daily.
Stalls cleaned twice a day, by someone other than myself.
5 horse trailer with slide out and living quarters with a fully stocked wardrobe.
Hair dresser, makeup artist, photographer, videographer and a stylist.
A complete array of Greg Darnall bits, and herman oak harness leather training reins for each of my bridles. Aw, what the heck, I a new Billy Royal show saddle too.
Penta water for me and the horses. (Hey, if Ellen Degeneres can fill her pool with it, my horses should be able to drink it!)
A new insulated indoor arena that is heated, with perfect lighting so I can have Julie Murray produce my training videos.
And, if it's not too much to ask I would like 1500 Acres of beautiful trails to ride. Must have trees, mountains, and a waterfall. ;)



EquineSpirit said...

Love your list! I'll take all those demands too! LOL! ;)

Deanna said...

Thanks for tagging me, that was so much fun!


photogchic said...

That is so sweet! I would do your training videos whether you were famous or not. By you experience and drive, and I sure someday you will be a household name, so hang on to that list!

Deanna said...

Thanks! You're so nice to me. I hope so, and I will want you to do my videos because your work is awesome. I will hang on to the list. Thanks again for the support.