Friday, October 06, 2006

Horse Tv Channel

Before I get back to the Introduction To Longe Line Training Series.

I would like to put a link on here for a cool new channel available on Cable and Satellite, it is called Horse TV. If your cable or satellite company does not carry it, you can even subscribe on line.

Training, documentaries, Competition Coverage, rodeo, and Horse Flicks. It sounds interesting. You can check it out at

Thanks Annie for the tip!



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Anonymous said...

The nice thing about this channel is that is broadcasts all type of equine activities. I especially like the rodeo's that broadcast daily because they explain the events and the rules of each event! How many of us have watched rodeos, but not being participants didn't know the rules the contestants had to abide by? Nice clear, concise explainations. Good viewing. One warning for MAC users like myself, Horsetv Access is only viewable in a small (not a full) screen format. The access provider says that they are working on a better format for MAC users.