Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's Time For The Quarter Horse Congress!

It's September already and the summer has just flown by. Besides the regular training and teaching schedule, there are a few extra things that I like to do in September.

Don't forget to deworm with your Ivermectin!

The Quarter Horse Congress, located in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Expo Center is starting at the end of this month. It's truly the greatest show on earth. This year marks the 40th Anniversary.

The Ohio Expo Center is located on 360 acres at 717 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43211, along interstate 71, just north of downtown Columbus. Everybody who is anybody in the Quarter Horse Industry will be there.

The Congress from September 30 - October 22. But, be sure and check the schedule so that you can see which events are the most important to you.

I like to go to stock up on my boots, riding jeans, and any other fun stuff you can think of. All of the vendors are there. There are so many of them. I especially like the Schneiders Saddlery Area. It's huge! They carry my favorite Billy Royal Saddles.

If $1,000 and up on a saddle is out of your price range, you can lease a saddle for a reasonable price and at the end you have the option to buy it out. I'm not even talking about show saddles. I get my work saddles by Billy Royal. Once you sit on one of those, you can't go back to just any old saddle, and your horse won't want to either.

The staff is very knowledgeable and can help you get the right size seat for your body. Most riders do not have a saddle that fits their body. If your butt is climbing up on the cantle (back of the seat) and thrusting your pelvis forward it definitely doesn't fit!

To make sure your saddle fits your horse, I like to take a wire hanger, open it up, and put it over my horses wither and shoulders. Mold the hanger to his body. Then, put it someplace safe because you will use that to measure your saddle. Just place it under the saddle and make sure the fit is a match. When you spend over $1000 on a saddle it better fit. If you spend $20 on a saddle it better fit, or you could hurt yourself and most especially your horse.

I also like my saddle to be roughout. The roughout helps riders stick on the saddle better. It almost works like chaps. Its kind of like a suede, it's not a smooth leather, its rough, and it never needs to be oiled or cleaned. Billy Royal also makes a roughout oiled saddle. The saddle is soaked in Olive Oil, it's cool looking, but it doesn't make much difference. I have one of each, and I clean them the same way, with a stiff bristle brush. The only difference I can see is that the dust doesn't show up on my oiled saddle.

Classy Chassis is always there, you can get a pimped out dualie, or if you are looking for a more simple truck, you can find that there too. All the dealers are competing for you business, so it's a great place to find your new ride. There are new and preowned trucks.

Horse trailers are also big there. Again, all the big guys are there, you can definitely find the perfect trailer for yourself. Even if you are not in the market to buy a trailer, you can go through and tour them. I like to see all the different options, ones with living quarters, and slide outs. Can you tell I'm excited?

If you go toward the end of the month, the tack and apparel is a bit picked over, but you will get the sales because not all vendors want to lug all of their merchandise back home.

If you show, you will need to go to the Quarter Horse Congress to get your fashion ideas for next years show season. You will see all of the trends that are going to be hot. It's a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

For a complete schedule click HERE!

For a complete list of Free Lectures click HERE!

For a complete list of Free Demonstrations click HERE!

There is also a Freestyle Reining Competition, the tickets are $25 in advance. All other classes, lectures and demonstrations are free with the exception of the Bull Riding Competition. The Freestyle Reining is well worth the money. It will be taking place on Saturday October 7.

You can see Million Dollar Stallion Avenue, where they keep the hottest studs in the business. It's something any horse lover should see.

Whether you are camping, getting a hotel, or just going for the day, I highly suggest you go see the show.

For more information on The Quarter Horse Congress click HERE!

If you are showing in the Congress, Best Of Luck!!!

I'm going to go now to plan out my schedule.

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Annie said...

Are you planning a trip out to the Congress this year? Maybe for the free reining?
If you do, maybe you can share some thoughts and photos for those of us that can't make it.

Deanna said...

I am planning on going the weekend of the free reining. That is of course, if I can get my schedule to coordinate. It's only a one hour plane ride. I will know by the third week of this month.

The weekend of October 7, in addition to the freestyle reining I would be able to see four demonstrations and one lecture too. Overall, I think that is the best weekend for me.

I would definitely share thoughts and photos. Congress gets me excited and refreshed up until Christmas!