Thursday, August 10, 2006

Deworming Program

Deworming your horse is a very important part of caring for your horse. If left unchecked parasites can do irreversable damage to your horse.

I deworm every other month. I keep them on a rotation cycle because it is more effective at killing a wide range of parasites. Rotating dewormer will reduce the resistance of parasites to the worm medication.

My schedule is as follows:

In January I use a Fenbendazole such as

Fenbendazole is used for "general parasite control as well as all stages of encysted small strongyles".

In March I use an Ivermectin such as

Ivermectin is used for "general parasite control as well as bots".

In May I use a Pyrantel Pamoate such as

Pyrantel Pamoate is used for "general parasite control".

In July I use a Fenbendazole again

In September I will use an Ivermectin again

In November I will use a Pyrantel Pamoate again

Be sure all of the horses at the barn are on the same deworming program. It's the most effective way to control parasites.

I'd like to include a few pictures of the parasites that may be residing on the inside of your horse in this post. Pictured below are tapeworms, bots, and strongyles.

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